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Basic modules

These modules are available in all types of licenses.

Diary and event calendar

Thanks to the ProTrainUp systems, the Trainer gains a fantastic statistical tool that integrates both quantitative and qualitative data in one place, in the form of comments assigned to training or match data.

The club receives a tool for continuous monitoring of coaching work and creating an internal club training system. Currently, this is done on the basis of cursory paper journals, and the training system is often not systematized or does not exist at all. The athlete can observe how he is doing in training, what he should improve and in which elements he has already achieved good results.

Parents of young players can have an insight into the sports results of their children. They can also check if they regularly attend their team`s training and even see what the status of paid contributions looks like.

Presence at trainings

The ability to quickly check the presence of both the browser version of the system and the mobile application, definitely facilitates the work of trainers. The function of controlling attendance at classes by senior staff enables rapid response and draw conclusions

Details of attendance may also prove useful in the settlement of contributions or scholarships for players.


Communication in the form of chat and private messages will certainly help you in the flow of information between players on the team.

The ProTrainUp messenger has been created based on the best solutions of this type and does not differ in functionality and reliability from popular social networking sites.

Also, it is the first messenger on the market, implemented on a sports platform, which also allows you to communicate with the player`s parents.

A database of exercises and drawings

Create your own exercise base. Both trainers and coordinators have the opportunity to create bases of exercises and a training model. The database gives you unlimited possibilities of categorizing exercises, thanks to the options of creating folders and subfolders.

The created exercises can be easily shared to the club base, thanks to it, you can quickly build a full club database, based on the age category, training type or any other division scheme.

Draft online module

Training Session Planner is a revolutionary solution that allows you to create training units and plans in a way that no other tool of its kind offers. With the ability to add objectives, subjects, participants, equipment, drawings, animations and exercise content directly in the online training plan view, you can plan your entire training unit in one clear view.

The ability to share and co-create the training plan with other coaches makes collaboration within the coaching staff more efficient than ever. Each session plan is saved in a training unit database, which means that once created, it can be used for future work with other teams in the club.

PDF Training Drafts

The drag-and-drop PDF creator is an innovative tool that will change the work of a modern trainer. Even today, creating training outlines was a tedious and time-consuming job. Thanks to the ProTrainUp service creator, creating such an outline will take you just a few minutes.

The convenient addition of descriptions and the simple addition of graphics to individual parts of the tactical or training draft makes working with our tool a pure pleasure for you.

Drawing and animation wizard

Creating schemes in the graphics and animation wizard will certainly save a lot of your time. Moreover, the possibility of exporting the results of his work to the JPG format is one of many advantages of this panel. Another great solution is the ability to store previously created presentations or files, as well as to share them with your competitors via the "Virtual Locker Room".

Thanks to these possibilities, the trainer creates a virtual background of know-how for his coaching technique, and the players receive personalized guidelines of the tactical behaviours expected by the trainer.

Virtual locker-room and club news feed

The virtual cloakroom gives football coaches practically unattainable the opportunity to gather the entire team in one virtual room, in our virtual locker room. There can be a daily pre-training briefing, after which players can prepare themselves tactically for training or a match, or plan to allocate energy resources. The virtual locker-room also allows you to save valuable training time needed for every explanation of the new game schemes.

Thanks to the virtual locker-room, the trainer can present these schemes during our e-tactical briefing. Thanks to the communicator players can immediately ask questions to the presented content, which saves time, improve the flow of information on the line trainer-player, and in effect can improve sports results. Similarly, a club board works, to which all trainers and coordinators working in a given club have access.

Mobile App

The mobile application has been prepared for two systems: IOS and Android. In addition to basic functions such as presence checking, event calendar preview, league table preview and schedule, it also allows you to communicate with other system users. Through the mobile application, we can also follow the LIVE relationships of matches of our teams.

The application is also a fantastic notification tool for players, parents and coaches. Notifications may concern: new information in the locker-room, a new event on the calendar, changes in the training hours, appointments for the match or overdue contributions. Thanks to the application, we eliminate additional costs such as paid text messages.

Advanced modules

These modules are available only in club licenses and Coach Elite

Skills assessment module

The module allows you to collect and analyze such data as: analysis of current skills, analysis of the player's potential, analysis of the player's development history, and descriptive evaluation of skills.

The module allows you to fully modify both the main evaluation categories and the individual skills to be evaluated. Also, the evaluation scale is fully editable. Each player's evaluation can be downloaded as an individual PDF report. The module also allows you to prepare a comparative report of several players based on the obtained ratings.

Facility and reservation module

The Objects and Reservation Module gives you the opportunity to create a list of objects: specific pitches, halls, gyms, swimming pools and other such locations. You also have the possibility of dividing the object into individual sectors such as half or quarter of a pitch. Thanks to a consistent list of objects, you are able to manage the occupancy of a given object, reserve the object for specific teams, and control whether there is a conflict of object reservation hours.

Trainers' working time module

The Coaches' Working Time Records module gives you the ability to quickly, automatically check the time of work of coaches at training sessions and at matches in a given time range. Additionally, you can set individual rates for each coach based on their role during training and matches. You can also make payouts for a given training session conditional on whether attendance has been checked or a training session plan prepared, and for matches, whether a score or full match statistics have been completed.

Mass communication module SMS/E-mail

The mass communication module will be a great tool for quick communication via SMS and e-mail. Thanks to the algorithms used in the ProTrainUp system, the module itself suggests to whom it is worth sending a text message with a call for payment.

Plus, the built-in Message Wizard lets you format and prepare your mailing and SMS campaigns as you like. Built-in tags allow you to insert dynamic content such as the recipient's name, the current status of arrears, or the sender's contact number. What is important, ProTrainUp text messages are PREMIUM, which means that the sender has a Club name and not a random phone number!


The unmanned website module, will allow you to show the most important information on your dedicated ProTrainUp domain.

All the elements appearing on the page come from inside the ProTrainUp system, so while doing exactly the same thing as before, you will simultaneously complete the content on the website.

Information such as news, events of the day, training staff, a list of sponsors, links to the club's social media and contact information of the club will appear on the site.

Activity enrollment module

With this module, you can organize tournament sign-ups, camp sign-ups, cinema outings, personal training sign-ups or physiotherapist sign-ups using the public sign-up form page in ProTrainUp. Activities can take the form of paid or free enrollment. For paid activities, you can collect fees directly through ProTrainUp, thanks to integration with PayU and Przelewy24. You can set a maximum number of participants, beyond which enrollment will automatically close. Enrollment can also be time-limited.

Each of the created enrollment events has its own statistics regarding enrolled people, collected funds and statuses of individual enrollments. With the enrollment module, you will systematize and automate the entire process and make it easier for yourself and your colleagues.

Transactions file parsing module

Artificial intelligence in ProTrainUp will solve problems with premium accounting. Without any changes in the procedures, you can implement a half-automatic contributions service in your academy based on the import of a bank file. Just upload the CSV file generated from your bank, and the system will automatically try to determine the relevant transfers and assign them to the appropriate players. If the names contain names and surnames, the correctness of the assignment will be even 90%. Also without a valid title, some transfers will be automatically adjusted based on proprietary algorithms.

Regardless of using the import module, it is possible to run parallel with the manual module or automation using the P24 system (this option works best when all parents are they already have access to the system).

Document workflow system

The ability to upload and share documents in a club or academy is another opportunity offered by the ProTrainUp tool. Both the coordinator and all trainers working in the club can upload various types of files, ranging from xls and doc to pdf, ending with graphic files and multimedia presentations. Thanks to this, trainers will have all the important files in one place. The order among files and documents will no longer be a problem.

Player observation module

The ability to create your own observation forms and subsequent evaluation of selected attributes of the observed player means that you can quickly define, examine, save and select the optimal player for your team. This module is also great for periodic evaluations of players.

Thanks to the observation module, you will create detailed evaluation profiles for each player in the club. The ability to print the created observation card, as well as the ability to download a ready PDF report, makes this module meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Recruitment and survey module

The recruitment and survey module gives you the opportunity to create private and public forms (orders, recruitment, enrollment for classes, surveys), which can be placed as a link on the website or as a QR code on printed materials. All answers are saved on the list in the system in tables assigned to a given form or survey. The most important feature of the module is total flexibility in determining fields, headings, texts, appearance or action after completing the survey. Each form will also have an offline version - PDF.

Warehouse module

The warehouse module allows you to keep track of your club equipment. The option to receive and give out certain amounts of equipment from the warehouse to designated persons or teams will give you the possibility to quickly check who, when and in what amount received or gave out certain club equipment.

Individual work module

The module of individual work, is a feature that gives you the opportunity to monitor the work of your players carried out individually after team training or carried out as part of work for another club or national team.

The player, using the mobile application, can record the workout just completed, e.g. cycling, along with the level of fatigue after that particular workout. Thanks to this, you have a full view of how the player looks, for example, after returning from a national team training camp.

Training evaluation module

This module allows you to assess the degree and quality of the exercises that you have prepared for the players. A comfortable view of the assessment, showing the exercise schedule, the evaluation field and the place for the comment, makes it possible to assess whether the chosen level of complexity and intensity is appropriate for the group with which you train.

Due to detailed reports, the system will share your ratings and opinions due to the category of exercises.

Medical examination module

Thanks to the medical examination module, you will quickly complete the player`s profile with detailed information about the expiration date of medical examinations. In addition, for each entry, you will be able to add a doctor`s verdict and attach a file with a document, opinion or other important information.

By using this module, you and your player will never miss the expiration date of medical examinations. The system clearly marks the approaching end of the validity of medical examinations.

Payment automation module

Thanks to the integration of ProTrainUp with the quick payment system - DotPay, the club gains an excellent tool that will significantly facilitate the accounting work in the academy. By logging in to your account, the parent will have access to the balance of contributions. From this place, he will be able to pay overdue contributions or pay forwards.

Parent after choosing the option - pay, will be redirected to the bank`s choice page. After logging in to your bank account, he will be able to make a transfer with a single click, whose data will be automatically completed. If the payment is made through the ProTrainUp via DotPay system, in the contribution module, the contributions will be automatically marked as paid.

Financial module

The financial module allows you to control player`s contributions. The system allows you to enter both monthly and one-time contributions. Thanks to this, it will be possible to control the balance of the collected contributions and to inform the players and parents of any arrears. The information will be sent as an alert to the player`s and the parent`s account.

Medical module

The medical module allows you to record the injury of all competitors in our academy. Giving access to the physiotherapist system or the club doctor, we obtain an extremely useful module, in which we will quickly find information about the course of the athlete`s injury, his injuries or get access to files related to the injury.

Fatigue analysis module

Thanks to the mobile application, the coach is able to collect information about the fatigue of players. Measurements can include post-workout, post-match or daily fatigue. The player receives a notification on his application asking him to fill in a short survey, in which he indicates the degree of fatigue. The module was prepared in cooperation with Polish National Basketball Team Coach - Remigiusz Rzepka.

E-commerce module

Integrated with the warehouse module, a simple online store that allows you to easily sell club merchandise, apparel or other items. The ProTrainUp system itself creates a web page that displays the products being sold. Each product can have different variations, pictures, prices or discounts. This module requires no programming skills, you are able to determine everything from the convenient store settings panel.

Invoicing module

Integration with the online accounting system will allow you to easily automate the process of issuing invoices to parents of players training in your club.The system, based on the dues module, will prepare invoices that will be sent directly to the e-mail address of the parent selected by you. In this email the parent will be able to proceed to pay the invoice for the premium. In wfirma system you will have full record of issued invoices and list of contractors. From here you will also be able to enter any corrections to invoices.

Club Licenses

Our price list is simple and you can change the type of your license at any time.

Club PRO

EUR 29 /m
319 EUR / year | gross

  • 5 trainers and 100 players
  • 1 head coach
  • Advanced modules (4)
  • Mobile application
  • Basic exercises base
  • SSL Encryption
  • Free upgrades
  • Technical support
  • Financial support of the club
  • Personalization of the system
  • Free courses for trainers
  • Dedicated modifications
Purchase ProTrainUp

Dedicated Silver

EUR 59 /m
649 EUR / year | gross

  • No limit of users
  • 3 head coaches
  • Advanced modules (8)
  • Mobile application
  • Full exercises base
  • SSL Encryption
  • Free upgrades
  • Technical support
  • Financial support of the club
  • Personalization of the system
  • Free courses for trainers
  • Dedicated modifications
Purchase ProTrainUp

Dedicated Gold

EUR 109 /m
1199 EUR / year | gross

  • No limit of users
  • No limit of head coaches
  • Advanced modules (13)
  • Mobile application
  • Full exercises base
  • SSL Encryption
  • Free upgrades
  • Support 24/7
  • Financial support of the club
  • Personalization of the system
  • Free courses for trainers
  • Dedicated modifications
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Modules configuration

You can freely modify the set of advanced modules in the license you selected. If you need more modules than is in your license, you can buy the needed module.

Advanced modules
Club Pro

29 EUR

month | gross

59 EUR

month | gross

109 EUR

month | gross


month | gross
Document workflow system
max 20 MB per file max 30 MB per file max 50 MB per file max 50 MB per file
Financial module
Facility and reservation module
Payment automation module
Skills assessment module
Draft online module 6 EUR /m
Medical module 6 EUR /m
Medical examination module 6 EUR /m
Training evaluation module 6 EUR /m
Trainers' working time module 6 EUR /m 6 EUR /m
Mass communication module SMS/E-mail 6 EUR /m 6 EUR /m
100 sms/300 e-mail /m 200 sms/600 e-mail /m 300 sms/1000 e-mail /m 500 sms/1500 e-mail /m
Recruitment and survey module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
Warehouse module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
Transactions file parsing module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
Fatigue analysis module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
Player observation module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
E-commerce module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
Individual work module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
Website 6 EUR /m 6 EUR /m 6 EUR /m
Activity enrollment module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
Superior organization module 40 € /m 40 € /m 40 € /m
Invoicing module 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m 12 EUR /m
Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase

Individual licenses

Licenses intended for individual trainers

SportLiveTag Licenses

The SportLiveTag system is a video analysis program for sports



Free license, suitable for demonstration of program functions.
Test for free



License with basic functionality.



Unlimited individual license with full functionality.



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Frequently Asked Questions

As usual, it depends. If more than 5 trainers work in your academy and train more than 100 kids, it is natural to switch to a dedicated SILVER or GOLD license. In these licenses, you will have an unlimited number of players and trainers. You will also gain access to advanced modules such as a module or a medical module.

First of all, call us (+48 513 360 761). We will help you choose the right license and answer the bothering questions. The next step will be signing the contract and sending us a list of players, trainers working in your club. Letters are a must for us to prepare a system for you. After that, we need a list of sensitive data that you intend to store in the system (security above all).

It`s extremely easy! You register in our system, then you choose which type of license you are interested in, make payments and that`s all. After noting your payment system will automatically switch to a higher license.

All contracts with ProTrainUp are signed for a period of 24 months. Naturally, if as a client you justify the reason why the duration of the contract would be different, we will consider your application individually.

Access for parents and players is possible in all club accounts and in the individual Coach LEADER account. Remember, you decide when parents get access to their accounts. When creating a team, access is generated for parents and players (logins and passwords) and you determine the moment when they will be issued.

Of course. We try to be as flexible as possible, which is why in ProTrainUp you can go to a lower or higher license type at any time.

The assumption of this program is to give your club a maximum of 98% (PLN 49) of the amount paid by the club or parents for access to the ProTrainUp system. By signing a contract with ProTrainUp, you become the administrator of logins and passwords of parents and players. The annual cost of access for a player and two parents is PLN 50. The club may, of course, withdraw from charging parents and players for access to the system. Converting this amount in the context of the entire football academy, which counts for example 400 players, the amount the club receives as part of the "Capital for the club" begins to be significant. Assuming that the club charges 12 euros per year for access, it is nearly 4,500 euros per year. ProTrainUp, once a year, issues a thirteenth invoice of 50 cents x number of players in the system. The remaining funds are owned by the club.

The basic database of exercises is access to exercises made available by trainers in the public base. These exercises can be added to your training and outline plans with just one click. The full base of exercises includes access to both the public base and the system base, which contains nearly 120 exercises divided into 4 categories: technique, tactics, motor skills and other exercises.

Personalization of the system is to give the club its own subdomain, eg, as well as adjusting the appearance of the system to the visual identification of the academy. This is about adding a team coat, changing the colours, adding a sponsor logo, etc.

Dedicated modifications are nothing other than the possibility of introducing some changes to the system to us, such as: hiding modules for selected user groups, changing the number of training sessions, editing the outline of the training outline, etc.

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External systems

These systems require the purchase of a separate license

SportLiveTag video analysis system

In the SportLiveTag system, video analysis consists of marking events, games and players behaviour. Thanks to the mechanism used in the system, you tag the action with one click, and at the same time cut it as a video element into your action base. In addition, each tag assigned to the competitor generates a statistical analysis of his behaviour!

Thanks to the possibility of drawing through the video, you will analyze the player`s play more closely. Present it to him in the form of graphical analysis, and certainly, it will be absorbed faster!

Make your own video presentations! Combine the cut actions, add graphics to the analysis, place the music or your own commentary and save it to your computer as an mp4 file. The prepared analysis can be displayed to your players on pre-match briefing or made available on social media!

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You can have several different roles in the system. They are: President, Coordinator, Coach, Assistant, Player and Parent.

Start work

After completing the registration and choosing the role, there is nothing else to do but start working with ProTrainUp